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Every Goan one meets, successful and moving up in life, finally wants a beautiful house on a piece of land he can call his own. A home in this amazing place called Goa. A place that evokes emotions of belonging and nostalgia. A feeling that envelopes not just born and bred Goans, but even people who had spent their youth studying, working or regularly holidaying in Goa. Their common bond - an unending love for all things Goan.

We therefore decided to create this opportunity called The Highland Villas offering you a piece of this blest earth. Ours is a residential enclave that´s unique in its very concept of private, independent plots. Each plot having an elegant private villa. And with over two decades of experience in property development, we can deliver. On time. And with the finest quality. So come and experience the luxury of a gracious house, without the trouble of having to build one yourself. Welcome home.

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