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Interacting with our expatriate clientele over the years, the pangs of nostalgia were plain to see. With changing times, their desire for the comfort and security of a proper home in Goa has only been accentuated. And we saw the discerning demand for a smart, contemporary house with amenities on par with the best anywhere. We have also understood the non-resident's special needs with regard to their properties back home, so a responsive Property Management service has indeed become a Highland Constructions hallmark.

So if you yearn for the Goa you remember, with its laid back life, abundance of nature and gastronomic delights... and are tired of the hectic pace of life abroad and hope to retire at fifty... stop reminiscing and grab this opportunity that beckons you to your grassroots! Own a Highland Villa and enjoy Goa. Revel in the excitement of a day out at the beach...the thrill of scuba diving… a scrumptious meal at a spice farm... or the pleasure of a tall, cool drink at a snazzy night club. Just chill.

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