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Debunking Myths About Your Pool and Spa Care: Insights from Pool Mart

Pools and spas are undeniably refreshing and relaxing commodities that enhance our home comfort. But along with the pleasure, comes a sea of misconceptions which could lead to unnecessary worry. Luckily, Pool Mart, Western New York’s premier home leisure company, is here to alleviate your concerns and debunk common myths regarding pool and spa maintenance.

Myth #1: A clear pool is always clean

A crystal clear pool might be a delight for your eyes, but that doesn’t mean it’s entirely free from bacteria or algae. Hygiene of a pool depends on the appropriate balance of sanitizer levels, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, and routine cleaning.

Myth #2: Heavy chlorine smell means a clean pool

Contrary to popular belief, a heavy chlorine smell isn’t a sign of cleanliness. It typically indicates the presence of chloramines formed by the reaction between chlorine and contaminants like body oils and sweat. Pool Mart offers an array of pool cleaning chemicals that effectively handle chloramines and maintain a clean, healthy pool environment.

Myth #3: You need to wait an hour after eating to swim

This age-old myth has come down generations, influencing our swimming habits. Medical experts have discredited this claim, stating you might get a minor cramp from vigorous swimming after eating a large meal, but it’s not dangerous or life-threatening.

For more myths and professional advice, come visit us at Pool Mart. Our team of experts is committed to helping you maximize your pool and spa enjoyment while minimizing worry. Don’t let misconceptions get in the way of your home leisure time. Dive right in and let Pool Mart demystify your pool and spa care!