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A Day in the Life at Staab & Sons, Inc.

At Staab & Sons, Inc., every day is multi-faceted, fast-paced, and incredibly rewarding. As experts in Heating and Furnace Installation, Service, and Repair, our dedicated team is always ready to rise to the challenge to ensure comfortable living for our customers.

A Morning Dedicated to Installation

It’s an early start for us when we’re scheduled for a new heating or furnace installation. With a quick brief from our project manager, the team takes off, fully-equipped and excited for the day ahead. Our destination: a newly built home on the outskirts of town, patiently waiting for its first heating system. The installation process requires utmost precision and knowledge, but with our certified and dedicated professionals, it quickly transforms from a complex blueprint into a future source of warmth for the upcoming winter months.

Afternoon – Time for Service

Our afternoon shifts focus to routine servicing and maintenance visits. We ensure that the systems we’ve installed months or even years ago are holding up and performing optimally. A cornerstone of our company is our commitment to ongoing professional services. Our trusted technician meticulously cleans a furnace and checks for any signs of damage or inefficiency, ensuing every nook and corner is serviced as needed.

Mending with Repairs

As the sun sets, we’re often summoned for repair calls. A malfunctioning furnace or heating system can cause discomfort, especially during chilling weather. Packing our toolbox, we head out to fix any issues hampering the efficiency of our customer’s heating system. Understanding the issue, analyzing its cause, and rectifying it promptly ensures that our customers can once again enjoy a warm and comfortable environment as quickly as possible.

Maintaining a high standard of professional, efficient, and reliable furnace and heating system solutions is our mission at Staab & Sons, Inc. Each day is an opportunity to keep homes warm and cozy, and make a genuine difference in the lives of the customers we serve.